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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We follow a modern treatment philosophy, focusing on the long-term oral health of the patient.

The least impact on teeth but the most effective. Minimize the irreversible treatment like: cosmetic porcelain teeth, root canal or tooth extraction for cosmetic, etc

EDEN doctors always help patients understand the importance of teeth integrity. As well as understand our ability and technology to help patients retain difficult-to-treat teeth: periodontal, pulp, decay and tooth damage, etc

EDEN's strengths:

  • - Braces - Orthodontics
  • - Digital Smile Design
  • - Whitening
  • - Bonding: Composite Filling, Inlay/onlay, Porcelain veneer,...
  • - Dental Implant

Technology create Success

We understand that the world of technology is always moving fast. Especially, the dental industry has made great technological advances in recent decades. Digital dentistry are slowly changing the daily practice of doctors, from 3-dimensional diagnostic radiography to intraoral scanners. The software designed and planned Smile Design, Implant, Orthodontics, ... has been completed and is an indispensable part of modern dentists.

Using state-of-the-art tools, we are confident about the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment.

Preventative Dentistry

One of EDEN's most important philosophies is prevention. One of our main goals is providing patients information of the dental - health link, the consequences of lacking dental care to overall health. At EDEN, preventive treatments such as scaling, fillings, fluoride, etc. are always combined with the education of proper dental care methods for patients. We believe that every person should be instructed on proper dental care, regular re-exams and cleaning, that will minimize the dental problems encountered.

Slow Dentistry

The success of the a treatment is come from the hands and minds of the doctor, the heart, too. There is no certainty about the perfection of treatment rather than the thorough and adequate duration of the doctor for that treatment.

Therefore, one appointments at EDEN are usually enough time for doctors, without rushing to complete. EDEN patients are scheduled to follow up with an appointment with the right doctor to ensure the quality of treatment. We do not regret the time for further appointment treatment or new treatment completely. Because the goal is to ensure that all results are long-term sustainability and health of the patient.

Trust Dentistry

When referring to dentistry, people think about expensive treatments and medical areas almost like business. At EDEN we want our customers-patients think we are thinking of doctors-medical workers who accompany them on the way of preserving dental health. And understand that we work hard because we have passion for work, have core values-ethical medical. Each treatment cost is considered by us, can not be too high so that the patient is hardly accessible, nor can it be too low to be able to apply good-tech materials. Along with that is the professionals and the cost for long-term warranty in EDEN.

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