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EDEN Dental Group was established in 2015 with the goal of building high quality dental clinics that patients in Vietnam can fully trust in the quality of treatment. The patriotism and pride of Vietnamese doctors motivates us to dream of building a dental system comparable to the leading dentists in developed countries. EDEN now not only serves the people of Vietnam with affordable prices that deserve quality, but also makes foreign tourists excited because of the cost savings when traveling for medical treatment.

At EDEN Dental Group, we - Doctors from the best medicine universities in Vietnam are the new generation of dentists who have early contact with modern world medicine and have the opportunity to study and practice at many developed countries. We have experience with thousands of patients in public hospitals as well as at international clinics every year, very diverse from Vietnamese to foreigners in Vietnam or travelers. Dr. EDEN understands the expectations of dental patients in Vietnam on the quality of treatment, along with the qualification gap in Vietnam compared to developed countries (USA, Japan, Europe ...)

EDEN Dental Group has a vision of bringing the best quality of treatment and happiness, the doctors are committed to ensuring the same view of treatment: modern - dental conservation - sustainable health - medical ethics. EDEN chief physicians are active members of prestigious dental associations around the world, especially ADA (American Dental Association) - American Dental Association. We build the best diagnostic and treatment processes according to recommendations from ADA and other professional associations (ICOI, AAO, AAE, ...)

Below are 9 reasons for you to choose dental care at EDEN, including features-perspectives-and our commitments. If you see the right perspective of us, don't hesitate to contact now and meet EDEN's doctors.

1. Complete oral health

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true, then the mouth is the front door. Our mouths are a gateway for illness, affecting the wellness of our entire body. Dental bacteria has been shown to play a contributing role in many serious health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even Alzheimer’s. The Surgeon General reports that 80% of American adults have gum disease. That’s four out of every five people! It’s because of this direct link between the wellness of the mouth and the wellness of the body that high-quality dental care is so crucial.

At EDEN Dental Group, we believe that Happiness must start from the foundation of Good Health, and good general health begins with good oral health. Healthy gums and less harmful bacteria will reduce the risk of diabetes, oral and digestive cancers, as well as healthy mouths and good nutrition that help improve blood vessel walls, reducing the incidence of stroke or heart attack. Because the plaque buildup on your teeth is also related to the build up of blood vessel walls and the heart, it can cause thrombosis. A good oral care needs to see your dentist regularly twice a year. That's the number of times you see a dentist more than other doctors, if you're healthy. Comprehensive dental health means that the dentist will soon detect dental and other health problems, when you are in the dental chair and you have almost no recognition or symptoms.

2. Doctor - Patient Relationship

Do you have a personal contact number from a dentist who treated you? At EDEN we are ready to contact you when you need it, especially at an emergency, the doctor does not hesitate to answer the patient's help. Because we believe that your health is only better if you get the right advice and when you change habits. We believe that you should be treated as 1 patient, rather than a customer (customer), because we are more important to your health than other factors. The success of only 1 half treatment is by the doctor, 1 half the other is your care and habits. Therefore the most valuable thing in 1 dental treatment is our maintenance care for you after treatment. Do not hesitate to save your contact number to customer care to support every problem for you and help you to talk to your doctor when you need it.

3. EDEN Dental is not owned by outside corporations or investors

More and more dental and health systems are purchased shares by investors or corporations. For reasons: Making a profit. When focusing on the above factors, it is not possible to focus on bringing the best health and experience to the patient. Therefore, EDEN Dental Group will always be shared only by dentists with the same visions and mission: is to bring health and happiness to the community.

4. Warranty and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

In the United States and many developed countries, dental warranties are rare, and the laws and associations are also very clear. In Vietnam, dental warranties are usually by talking and absolutely no regulation, clinics will apply as a way of reassuring customers. The warranty period of 5-10 years or even lifetime does not make much sense. Because most of the time when warranted, not many patients will find the right doctor for themselves, or will not be applied due to unacceptable causes. The quality of treatment warranted by the majority will also not guarantee, of course for a variety of reasons. However, there are still doctors who work in good faith or reputable clinics that ensure the treatment for patients according to the original commitment.

EDEN Dental Group is one of the few centers that has a real commitment to guarantee dental treatment, on average for 5 years or according to the recommendations of a reputable dental association for each type of treatment. Because:

  • - We understand that everyone makes mistakes. We admit that sometimes, that includes us. Doctors may also make mistakes, or that may be due to the quality of the product we choose to use for you.
  • - We want patients to be confident in their belief that if something goes wrong not by you, we will do everything in our power to make it right.
  • - Patient satisfaction is a key goal of EDEN's mission/

5. Awesome Technology

You certainly don't want to use a old technology product on your teeth, neither do we. The world of technology is constantly moving, new products are introduced every year and are quickly applied in the dental industry. Each year at EDEN is constantly updating new machines and technologies, accompanied by the study at home and abroad by doctors. This investment is always supported by shareholders because it is the passion of doctors and the core values of EDEN. The machines are imported from leading dental companies in Europe and the USA, ensuring durability and accuracy, not replaced by Chinese machines and unknown quality of origin.

  • 3D X-ray
  • Trios Intraoral Scanner
  • Laser Cavity Detection
  • Periodontal full equipment
  • Endodontic full machine equipment
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Piezotome Surgery

6. Open and Visible Sterilization Area

In 2013, the dental field was rocked when news broke that a Tulsa, Oklahoma practice had spread hepatitis C and HIV through improper sterilization. Some 7,000 patients were put at risk for these life-threatening diseases over the course of six years. That’s enough to make anyone wary of going to the dentist. This reminds the patient when choosing a dentist for examination and treatment, and reminds the doctor about the importance of ensuring standardized sterility.

When sterilization happens behind closed doors, it’s easy to let your mind run wild imagining how the equipment is, or is not, kept clean. So at EDEN this room is a glass room and is always visible to patients and other staff. The investment of Class B modern Sterilization machinery is also the pride of EDEN to show our customers our utmost attention to the safety and assurance of patients and doctors.

7. Time is gold

Your time is very valuable, less waiting time is spent more for family and health. Visiting in public hospitals often takes a lot of time for waiting and moving. At EDEN, we don't want our customers to wait, let us get ready for you to arrive on time. When you have an appointment with the doctor first, you will be given priority to visit the doctor as soon as you come, the doctors and staff have prepared everything for the appointment to have the best quality treatment for you. That's why our waiting room is usually empty, because we want you to wait just a few minutes. Time is gold, we don't want your waste as well as ours. Please make an appointment with your dentist assistant before arriving.

8. Team of experts

A clinic with too many services that only 1-2 doctors can take over often cannot guarantee care for all areas. A dentist who only restores porcelain crown regularly may find it difficult to focus well on complex root canal treatment teeth. In the United States, general dentists can perform most common treatments: dental fillings, cleaning, simple root canal treatments, prostheses, simple orthodontics,... but to perform procedures specially requires postgraduate certificates and should transfers to doctors specializing in these areas only.

EDEN Dental like a Dental Hospital with many specialties and doctors who perform procedures called "Specialists". Patients who come to EDEN are assured that your condition is always arranged to meet with an expert in that field.

9. Convenient Location

One of the reasons you are lazy about regular dental care is that your preferred clinic is too far away from home or working place. Understanding this, EDEN chooses convenient locations for each District of Ho Chi Minh City, and on big roads that are easy to find. Any emergency appointment can be arranged to any clinic in our system Now you can take easy in orthodontic re-examination, or other services but no matter where you live in the city.

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