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General Dentistry

EDEN Dental Clinic is proud to provide most of the general dental services with the standard ADA (USA) in a friendly and luxurious clinic environment. We focus on experience and after-sale care service, helping customers feel secure that the best oral care in Vietnam with economical prices.

Cosmetic dentistry

Beauty is the right of everyone, a healthy smile must also be a beautiful smile. EDEN Dental Clinic has a team of highly experienced and trained cosmetic surgeons following the modern trend - preserving teeth. We strongly believe in continuous learning and the application of the most advanced technology in this field.

Dental Implant & Surgery

With sedation therapies and experienced surgeons, whether implant or wisdom tooth surgery at EDEN is gentle - less postoperative pain. Patients feel like going to the Spa and no longer fear when thinking about dentistry. The most modern dental surgical techniques in the world are also being successfully applied at EDEN.


Have a tooth loss or a damaged tooth is an uncomfortable obstacle and lack of confidence for many people. Not only that, losing teeth also affects the health of the whole body, and make face aging because bone loss. Prosthesis is a key specialty at EDEN with the international standard investment in the process and system of modern machine: intraoral scanner, CAD / CAM, Laser Diode,... anh experienced team of prosthesis doctors.

Braces - Orthodontics

Braces or Orthodontics are a "trend" for young people in Vietnam. Although this is a specialty with a long history and most children with tooth distortion in developed countries are treated early. In order to ensure the scientificity of orthodontic treatment, EDEN has international qualified doctors to develop all process of diagnosis and treatment.

Specialized Dentistry

EDEN has successfully applied lasers in a wide range of modern dental fields, effectively supporting many other rehabilitation treatments. In addition, the temporomandibular joint disease and facial diseases are experienced by specialists in Vietnam.

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