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Advanced dental technology


Accurate diagnosis with CT Cone Beam 3D

2-dimensional X-rays may not be comprehensive enough to help the doctor accurately diagnose the disease. CT scans are necessary conditions for a doctor to determine or plan a treatment in many cases. With CT technology Cone Beam 3-dimensional digital reconstruction, CT applications in dentistry increasingly extensive with most fields. In addition to helping correct diagnosis of oral conditions, 3D CT also support treatments like: surgery, Implant, root canal treatment, minor extractions, etc

With 3-in-1 X-ray system & CT wide field (Fullface) at EDEN, CT Cone Beam also helps comprehensive analysis of orthodontics - braces, orthodontic surgery and smile design.

Digital Dentistry - Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner is a leap forward in modern dentistry, freeing the inconvenience and time consuming of impression materials. The most advanced generation of scanners only takes a few dozen seconds to complete the double jaw impression instead of more than 5 minutes with traditional way. The patient is liberated from discomfort such as nausea, time of mouth opening, and a visual view of his/her teeth immediately on the computer. In addition, new technologies such as detecting interproximal cavities, viewing orthodontic results, planning of implantation, etc...are also integrated on modern intraoral scanners.

Single Visit Dentistry

This is a system that helps doctors perform dental crown restoration, porcelain bridge, inlay / onlay porcelain, ... for patients in 1 appointment instead of 2-3 times. This system includes CAD / CAM porcelain system that can create a crown of porcelain teeth in just less than 1 hour. This technology is often referred to as Single Visit Dentistry with the world's first system of CEREC from Sirona (since 1980). Today with many new improvements and many alternative systems, Single Visit Dentistry has overcome most of the disadvantages, bringing so many great benefits to the busy patients. It is one of the most expensive support systems in dentistry, but any clinic equipped will basically take dental practice to a new level, and customer being the most beneficial recipient.

Digital Smile Design - DSD

For many years in the traditional way, doctors and technicians depend heavily on skills - experience and even the artistic talent to copy the natural look of the teeth when making a new smile. This often results in a customer's new smile depending too much on the doctor's routine - the technician's skills that have the same teeth and smile results. But with DSD, your face is the design guide, to makes perfect smiles that suit for each individual. A series of portraits and videos combined with analytics software help physicians understand the teeth - gum - lip and facial expressions.

Modern design clinics


Dental Spa

Many people have fear of going to dentist. Much of this comes from bad experiences in previous dental treatments. EDEN has a mission to take care of oral health and understand that customers must first be free of any fear when going to regular dental care and examination. So EDEN interior space has a close design similar to relaxing spa, combining green flowers and modern furniture.

Green Clinic

EDEN's vision is happiness and health, so green colour has been chosen as the main theme. Green represents harmony with nature, calls for environmental protection and a healthy lifestyle. EDEN's trees and nature spaces helps people relax, reduce anxiety, ... Eden Garden is also a symbol of EDEN's treatment philosophy: protect nature and biocompatibility.


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